The Vartan Aviation Group serves the operational needs of cabin interior, aircraft systems and composite aerostructures manufacturers. We take over work packages for assembly support, provide on site product support at Airbus, ATR, Boeing, Bombardier, Comac and Embraer final assembly lines and maintain, repair and overhaul your cabin products in service.

The Vartan Aviation Group is the one stop source for worldwide aviation support.

The Vartan Aviation Group provides product support for all major suppliers of cabin interiors, aircraft systems and aerostructures. Our teams are based at final assembly lines of Airbus, ATR, Boeing, Bombardier, Comac and Embraer to support our customers on site and worldwide.

Besides performing technical and electrical reworks and modifications, we represent our customers in program review meetings with aircraft manufacturers and airlines, attend incoming inspections, evaluate liabilities of non-conformities, order replacement parts and take care of logistics incl. staging and kitting of parts and components prior to delivery to the final assembly lines.

Solutions are implemented in accordance with engineering documentations from aircraft manufacturers and suppliers. Based on a long experience, the Vartan Aviation Group offers perfect handling for all cabin interior and aircraft system equipment as well as composite aerostructures parts.

  • Cost effective and flexible solutions at Airbus, ATR, Boeing, Bombardier, Comac and Embraer final assembly lines
  • More than 350 specialized technicians and electricians for cabin interiors, aircraft systems and composite aerostructures support
  • EN/AS 9100 certified quality management system
  • Authorized for outlocated work procedures by Airbus and Boeing

The Vartan Aviation Group has an experienced team of well-trained specialists for cabin interior assembly support. We cover the whole range from surface treatment including paint and decoration over sewing up to final assembly in the workshops of our Centers of Excellence.

As extended workbench for cabin interior manufacturers, Vartan takes over final assembly steps on the “last mile”. In direct proximity to the FALs, prior to installation of equipment, Vartan takes care of all necessary steps to finalize the product. OEM and airline quality standards are well known to us from our product support activities and our long experience.

  • Centers of Excellence in Hamburg, Toulouse and Seattle
  • Paint, decor, electrical, sewing and assembly shops in direct proximity to the FALs
  • Highly skilled technicians with special equipment for all kinds of cabin interior equipment

The Vartan Aviation Group performs any kind of cabin interior overhaul worldwide. We hold EASA, CAR and FAA part 145 certificates with C6 and C15 ratings and our capability list covers the entire range of cabin interiors. We repair, overhaul and modify any aircraft interior equipment in our maintenance stations in Abu Dhabi, Hamburg and Seattle. Beyond that, we go to any location worldwide upon request - within 24 hours, if required.

In cooperation with our partnering EASA part 21J approved design offices, we are specialized in cabin overhauls including appropriate design upgrades. In addition, the Vartan Aviation Group offers its expertise to airlines and maintenance stations worldwide. We provide support within their maintenance teams, by performing mechanical and electrical work, and as consultants for pre and final cabin inspections.

  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul of all aircraft interior equipment
  • Modifications and cabin upgrades
  • EASA, CAR and FAA part 145 approvals with C6 and C15 ratings
  • Rapid intervention crew is available worldwide within 24 hours at airports, airline stations, manufacturer sites and MROs